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Alongside Book CoverDisclosure: I received Alongside free in exchange for a honest review. There is an affiliate link to provide you the website to learn more or make a purchase. I do not receive any form of payment for clicks or purchases.

Today i’ll be sharing a little about Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving your Neighbor in their Time of Trial. Sarah Beckman has experience from both sides as the helper, and the one needing help. Whether she is sharing her content in writing or speaking her love for helping is clear. In this book she really explains how to go about helping when we aren’t quite sure what should be said or offered.

About the Book (Directly from the Website here)

Whether it’s Cancer, death of a loved one, long-term illness or another significant challenge, we all know someone facing trial. We wonder: “What can I do to help?” Filled with practical tools, personal experience and insights from those who’ve faced hardship, Sarah Beckman delicately weaves together action and inspiration to create this comprehensive resource. Alongside will become your trusted guidebook so you’ll know exactly how to bring life-giving help, hope and encouragement to people you care about in their greatest time of need.
Not About You
Alongside will help you:
+ Overcome the insecurity of doing the wrong thing
+ Gain confidence to love well with tangible actions
+ Discern between helpful and unhelpful words to say
+ Identify personalized ways to serve more effectively
+ Live out the Biblical command to love your neighbor

My Thoughts on the Read

Although I have not experienced this firsthand, I have friends that have gone through difficult times with loved ones, and I found this book insightful to things I would have never thought. I am constantly at a battle with myself on whether to offer help to someone that seems to need it or if they would rather be treated as normal as possible. I don’t believe in saying I’m sorry as I feel that is the last thing anyone wants to hear, but then I’m at a loss for words and feel as though I’m not showing any empathy. I tend to brush away my own struggles and act as though they aren’t there but when it comes to others, everyone has a different need and how do we know what is best for them? This book breaks it down, gives you a perspective you would otherwise not know, and helps guide you in a way that makes it easier to be there for others. I highly recommend this book and like Sarah suggests, take a highlighter through this book and continuously pull it back off the shelf as those struggles come and go.

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Would you like a chance to win your own copy of Alongside for yourself or to gift to someone that could benefit from this reading? All I ask is you leave a comment listing who could use this book in their life, whether it’s you or someone you know. Winner will be chosen at random and emailed so please be sure to include an email. Thank you.



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    This sounds like a great book. I will definitely check it out. I love the quote about meeting someone where they are.

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    I think that once I read this book, I can totally relate on it. My dad passed away last 2015. During those times that he was ill on bed, we were crying so much. My biggest heartache was with our neighbor who are our own relatives who did not extend any kind of support on those grieving moments. Up to this time, I feel weak whenever I remember those painful moments. I hope that God will give me a heart that can forgive for those who left us when we need them the most. Would love to read that book in the future.

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