An introduction. . .


I’m Ashlen, mother to a little girl, & currently residing in Idaho (But as a Cali girl born & raised, my heart will always crave that California sunshine.) I was a stay at home mother, & I wouldn’t trade that time I got to share with my daughter for the world. I’m a full-time working mama now, a self taught graphic designer that loves creating. I recently took a liking to couponing, & I’m amazed at how much money you’re able to save for other necessities or such. I enjoy sewing, all things makeup related, & purchasing all of those adorable clothes to dress up my little lady. Lets be honest when it comes down to you or getting to dress up your little one, we choose them every time.

I love writing. I love blogging. Journalism was my major in college before I decided college wasn’t my path. My love of writing hasn’t ended though. When I post, I hope to share, inspire, & connect with my readers. Someone once asked me why I bother when no one reads it, (I immediately dismissed this knock down) because just as some people draw or create poetry, dance, work on cars, or build model airplanes…this is one of my passions. I enjoy this, plain & simple. It makes me happy, I would love to take blogging to a level where I collaborate & work with established bloggers and all sorts of others. But for now I’m just fine sharing my blog with those that will take the time to read it, & enjoy it.

I’ve had a few blogs before, however they mostly concentrated on a specific idea & in all reality I feel excited to share more than one specific genre. Which is why I have created a lifestyle blog, & overtime I believe you’ll find posts that catch your interest or that you find useful to you in some way. I am all about connecting to my readers, fellow bloggers, mothers, etc. so please feel free (in fact it’s encouraged) to share your thoughts in a comment on any of my posts. I love getting opinions, tips, suggestions, & more from anyone that would love to share.

So be sure to stick around, thanks for visiting, & enjoy my blog.


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