January IPSY bag Products & Review

This month’s Ipsy bag is all about refreshing and clean simple makeup. It is January of course, who doesn’t like a fresh start over on their face & makeup?

The Products

First of all I have to talk about the bag, it is one of my favorites. The simplicity of it’s design allows me to throw it in my purse, or take on travel. Don’t get me wrong, I love most of the bags but as far as ever really using them, if the design is a little out there I most likely won’t be putting it to everyday use.

I love trying new brushes, and I really can’t have too many. This large blender brush in my opinion, was too large for my eyes. I find it best to use to sweep on a base shade or to buff out any eye shadow.

The Too Faced Illumination concealer was a very thick consistency and definitely brightens your under eye area; a little goes a very long way.

The Smashbox Cosmetics BB Cream was a product I really enjoyed as BB creams are my usual go to for a quick lightweight cover up on those days I don’t care to wear makeup but my face is still red or blemishes are showing.

She wasn’t so impressed . . .

Two masks were included and skincare should be a part of your everyday routine; makeup or no makeup. However when I tried one, I noticed it was extra soaked with product and when taking it off they suggest rubbing in the remaining product into your skin. Well, there was an excessive amount of product still on my face that it felt like I was never going to finish and when my face was finally dry, my skin was sticky to the touch.

My Top Product

My absolute favorite item was the Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm, and yes the packaging is a total sale point for me. I won’t be in a constant battle with my daughter because she thinks it’s lipstick so it’s strictly for mommies only! Try applying this before any lip products used or when your lips are feeling dry but still have color; just swipe this on for some quick nourishment.

Let me know if you received an IPSY bag, and what your favorite January month item was, or if you decide to try out any of these products.

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Shop The Products:
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Aging Concealer
Smashbox Cosmetics BB Cream
SL MissGlam Blend Beauty Brush L34
Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate Moss
Sally’s Box Loverecipe AcaiBerry Mask & Loverecipe Aloe Mask


  1. Reply

    I do ipsy too!! My bag had some of the sames (like ByBye Undereye and the Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm). I also like the balm 🙂
    Madelain | http://www.wheremyheartwanders.com

  2. Reply

    I haven’t had Ipsy for a while but it looks like they have stepped it up on their bags! That one is soo cute!

  3. Reply

    Thanks for the review! I’m definitely interested in the Blend Beauty Brush L34.

  4. Reply

    Wow this months was a good one!! I use the it cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer on days when I REALLY need a pick me up and it never lets me down. 🙂 I’m a sucker for face masks too!

  5. Reply

    That bag is so cute 🙂 I have never heard of Ipsy but it looks like a cool thing to sign up too 🙂

    1. Reply

      I love it, I get to try tons of items before spending a ton on purchasing. And it’s only $10 a month.

  6. Reply

    I love ipsy! It’s so nice to get a little bag of goodies each month. I really liked this month’s bag, but got different products than you. The bag itself is so cute this month. 🙂

    1. Reply

      Yes, I have been with them since they started, I constantly update my quiz and try not to select every brand/product. It helps to narrow it down a little!

  7. Reply

    Do you have any lipstick recommendations? I want something matte that stays all day.

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