What is LimeLight by Alcone &
Why is it different than any typical DS or Makeup Store

LimeLight by Alcone

When some hear the name, they are already aware of the quality and culture the company upholds. So what is LimeLight by Alcone and what exactly makes it special or different?

+ A family owned company
+ Have been a part of the professional industry for over 60 years
+ Standing store (parent company) Alcone Co. in New York
+ Makeup used by the professionals in Broadways such as Lion King, on celebrities such as Kim K., & on sets such as OITNB
+ Chemists that travel to find the purest ingredients from the best possible locations 
+ Majority products are gluten free, paraben free, vegan, treenut free, peanut free, etc. (Please always talk to a beauty guide to find out exact products that fit your needs)
+ Quality control & testing for makeup and natural skincare for reactions in various climates, etc.
+ A huge majority of products Leaping Bunny Certified

… and I could go on, but you can see this company is of high standards, used in the professional industry, & always staying true to ingredients, & the beauty guides that are part of LimeLight by Alcone. So what’s holding you back from trying the products or becoming a part of this ground breaking company??

Please refer to your Beauty Guide if you have one already, if not I would love to assist you with your questions/concerns.
Visit the site – here


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    Wow! Looks like a great brand!

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    Wow this sounds like an amazing brand! I have never heard of them, but I am no beauty guru- that’s for sure! Now I want to see what they’re all about! Thanks!

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    great info – Thanks for sharing!

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