My Purse Must Haves

Necessities vs. random junk . . .That’s usually what fills up a mom’s/woman’s purse, am I right or … who are we kidding, I’m right. Maybe it doesn’t start off that way. . .it usually starts off super organized and pretty, but a week in & all we see is receipts, tissues, kids things, etc. Well here’s a look into my purse & how I attempt organization. Because organization is always the goal.

+ My Planner
I have two but I like to carry my small one in my purse to help with any random thoughts or notes I need to make throughout the day. As a blogger & shop owner inspiration strikes at any moment & often inconvenient moments. Being able to pull this out & jot a few sentences guarantees I won’t forget later on when i’m trying to remember…what was it again?

+ Electronics
Besides my phone, i’ll usually throw my daughter’s leap pad or a tablet in my purse if we’re going to be out for a while. When your child is tired of patiently waiting for errands to be finished, or restless at the restaurant because they just happened to chomp down their food in ten minutes; it can make all the difference. A little distraction, a little learning, a peaceful moment for mom, hey why not? I’d take that over a toddler screaming in my face while i’m trying to get a few things done any day.

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+ Snacks
I’m a mom, you won’t rummage through my purse without finding fruit snacks, lollipops, or even a cutie (or halo? How many of you agree those commercials are spot on haha) for later. And when i’m not with my child but need a pick me up. . . Hey, what’s mine is theirs & what’s theirs is mine. Right? Where my guilty moms at?!

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+ Misc. Bags
I have bags for everything. Normally, my lipsticks all end up in my purse so I just started keeping a variety in a makeup bag so when I have to run out the door, I can find a moment later to pick the perfect shade. I also keep a bag with band aids, wipes, contact solution; just the things I might personally need.

Third Photo

Then. . .a week later, the random junk takes over until months later when I clean my purse out & start the cycle all over again. Ahhh. . . .hahaha. The life of a woman. . .

+ Randoms
Coupons, receipts, candy wrappers (when did my purse become my own personal trash can?!), pens, cards, etc.

Let me know what are some of the crazy items that end up in your purse? How do you keep it all your necessities organized?

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