A Guide to a Child’s Successful Summer


This quick summer guide will help you in planning to make sure your kids stay happy and healthy during those hot & fun summer days/vacations.

If your child goes to daycare or any other activity during the summer, be sure to provide them with their own water bottle to keep in their cubby, class, etc. Personally, my child only drinks at lunch or at the outside fountain during recess, and she should be drinking it more consistently during these hot summer days. Talk to the teacher so they are aware but be sure your child knows that they should be drinking it  throughout the day as well. It took my daughter a few months to really LOVE water but now she asks for it, and drinks it daily without having to be reminded.

+ Fruits & Veggies
Summer activities often make children more hungry or h-angry if they aren’t snacking and eating proper meals. Choose easy to pack fruits and veggies for snacking while on the go and supply a lunch box or insulated bag with some ice packs to keep any perishables cool. Water based fruit like watermelon is a great choice if you have a little that does not enjoy drinking their water.

+ Protect their Skin
SunscreenSummers can be hard on skin as I’m sure we’ve all experienced at least once but making sure to slather our kids in sunscreen before they head out for the days activities ensures maximum protection. Be sure to check that sunscreen is being reapplied to your children throughout the day while in daycare or other activities.

+ Keep the bugs Away
There are a lot of natural remedies to create bug sprays with essential oils that mosquito and other bugs don’t enjoy. Kids are often unaware of these bugs, especially while playing; ( sometimes we don’t even feel a mosquito land) and the best part is these natural combinations are not hazardous to our children. I feel so much better knowing I’m spraying my child with something other than chemicals.

These are just a few basic tips to having a fun and stress-free summer with your littles. What things do you find  are the most important on your summer guide checklist?


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    This is such a cute and informative post. Some of these are for the adults too 😀

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    Good reminders to keep kiddos healthy and happy in the heat!

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