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+ Disclosure – I received these products for review, all opinions are my own. +

Every little kid loves to get into mommies personal things, am I right?  The vanity setup is just a playground for kids, & they will pull out every palette, brush, or lipstick that they can get their little hands on. After all, they just want to be like mommy, they just want to do EVERYTHING mommy does. But if you’re a mother like me, you don’t want your 4 year old child to be putting actual makeup on her face. (To each their own, this is just my decision.)

I own a lot of makeup, and I sell it as part of my business as well. I’m constantly recording videos and Facebook Lives that my daughter actively joins. Nothing is off limits to her; when it comes to my makeup and brushes, I find myself telling her “No” quite often. Besides, you put that stuff on your face, you really don’t want their little hands that are most likely dirty, to be playing with all of your face brushes and makeup.

So, in comes Just Like Mommy Cosmetics to the rescue.

Rayna, the mother of a little girl with Cerebral Palsy and also owner of JLM Cosmetics  learned that her daughter’s love for her makeup could actually help define her motor skills, by opening and closing the compacts, etc. She immediately tried to find some pretend makeup without toxic chemicals or the mess they usually come with. Eventually she decided to create her own line of realistic makeup, and began to sell it as a way to support medical bills.

+ The quality is great on this products
+ They are handmade
+ The colors look amazing
+ The packaging doesn’t feel cheap
+ Works like real makeup without the mess

I highly recommend these products if you are looking for something fun for your littles to play with, & knowing you are helping a family when you purchase is just an added bonus! Check out the website – HERE and  follow their Instagram for sales & promotions – HERE


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    Oh my goodness this is so cute! This is genius!

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    Wow, never heard of this brand before!! Thanks for sharing! I’m probably going to be looking for this for the future haha

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    What a fantastic idea! I can see myself getting some of this when my daughter is a bit older. 🙂

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    These products are so fantastic! I have a daughter and when she is a little older, I know she will love this stuff! She already likes to walk around with my makeup brushes (she’s 14 months).

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    These are so cute and perfect for a little one that loves to get into mommy’s makeup!

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    This is a genius idea! I wish this was around when I was little, I’d totally use it!

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    So cute!! Pinning to remember this as a Christmas gift for my little girl! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    That is so much fun! My little girl loves when I “put make-up on her”. I’m heading over to the JLM now to check it out.

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    My daughter LOVES her pretend makeup! So fun!

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    This is adorable I love that she is giving Minnie mouse a makeover

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    My little girls love watching mommy put on her make-up and they love when I “put a little on them”. I think it is amazing that these are toxin free and go to helping a little girl.

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